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Speech Language Pathologist- Need in Tennessee!

Location: Adamsville, Tennessee
Date Posted: 06-01-2017
GENERAL PURPOSE: To provide direct patient care and support activities which
build and maintain a TheraEx Rehabilitation Center.
ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Provides treatment programs to maximize speech,
language, cognitive, and swallowing abilities within each patient’s structural or
functional limitations: evaluates and treats patients, communicates with families,
physicians and other interdisciplinary team members, documents services in the
medical records. Contributes to professional development of self and others.
Enhances interdisciplinary team through professional skills and knowledge.
Demonstrates safe working practices.
1. Provides patient treatments, which meet patient needs, and uses current
treatment knowledge in accordance with TheraEx Rehabilitation clinical
procedures. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Developing effective plan of treatment and obtaining appropriate approvals
from referring physician.
  • Utilizing appropriate evaluation tools and completing accurate evaluations.
  • Communicating with supervisor and other health team members regarding
patient progress,  Performing accurate, comprehensive evaluations.
problems, and plans.
  • Instructing patients’ families or nursing staff in specified follow through
  • Interviewing patients and families regarding previous level of functioning and
life style and current and future expectations.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of appropriate resources for problem-solving and
clinical best practice.
  • Evaluating patients within facility-specific time frame.
  • Supervising Clinical Fellow and other SLPs in direct patient care and patient
related activities.
2. Writes accurate, complete, and clear documentation in accordance with
TheraEx Rehabilitation, regulatory, licensing, payor, and accrediting
requirements. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Recording Resident Needs Reviews, evaluations, daily treatment notes,
progress notes, and discharge summaries in accordance with TheraEx
Rehabilitation’s procedures.
  • Recording treatment charges and insuring that documentation is consistent
with billing data.
  • Writing specific, objective documentation, which is outcome oriented and
details the patient’s needs, potential to benefit from treatment, and progress
achieved to date. Includes specific, objective measurable goals.
  • Managing Medicare Medical Review and Denials process in conjunction with
Director of Rehabilitation, the TheraEx Reimbursement Department, and
therapy staff.
  • Acquiring and documenting consents/approvals for treatment when necessary.
3. Consistently demonstrates TheraEx Rehabilitation interdisciplinary
approach to patient care. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Integrating findings of other members of the interdisciplinary team in treatment
assessment and recommendations.
  • Integrating input from patient and family in treatment assessment and
  • Preparing for and providing meaningful contributions to the rehab team
conferences, patient care conferences, utilization review meetings, family
conferences, and caregiver training sessions.
  • Collaborating with and informing facility staff in areas of patient progress.
  • Educating members of the team in areas of expertise.
  • Working with facility to teach documentation practices, which assist the
therapy team.
  • Communicating effectively with discharge planners.
4. Contributes to professional development of self and others. This includes
but is not limited to:
  • Utilizing continuing education assistance to achieve targeted quality
  • Interacting with peer therapist at local acute hospitals and other environments,
if appropriate.
  • Presenting effectively at weekly rehab team conferences, facility in-services,
and professional conferences.
  • Maintaining current body of knowledge in areas of clinical expertise through
seminars, professional journals, and peers.
  • Meeting continuing education requirements of regulatory agencies.
5. Aids in building and maintaining TheraEx Rehabilitation’s reputation as
the unparalleled provider of rehab to the elderly by contribution as a
professional member of the staff. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Consistently demonstrating TheraEx Rehabilitation core values in interacting
with co-workers, patients and families, with all other persons involved with the
patient’s care, and the general public.
  • Consistently demonstrating professional standards as outlined in the TheraEx
Rehabilitation Employee Handbook and as communicated by TheraEx
Rehabilitation management.
  • Contributing to a positive work team by sharing information, using problemsolving
methods and accepting new ideas, criticism, or advice from others.
  • Actively participating in and supporting marketing activities as introduced by
facility and TheraEx Rehabilitation.
  • Demonstrating superior customer service through courtesy, consistent followup
and positive communication.
6. Demonstrates safe working practices. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Identifying and correcting safety hazards or notifying the facility or the Director
of Rehabilitation so that safety hazards will be immediately remedied.
  • Maintaining work areas in safe and orderly fashion.
  • Maintaining equipment in safe working order.
  • Using proper body mechanics during treatments of patients and during support
  • Using universal safety precautions.
  • Wearing appropriate safety equipment (i.e., gloves when in contact with the
patient’s mouth).
1. Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
  • Knowledge in Speech-Language Pathology evaluation and treatment as they
relate to medically based speech, language, and swallowing disorders.
  • Ability to supervise and direct assistants and aides. Knowledge of medical
  • Ability to work with all types and levels of staff and patients.
  • Must successfully complete TheraEx Rehabilitation clinical screening.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
2. Education:
  • Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from an accredited SLP
3. Experience:
  • 2-3 years experience in a skilled nursing facility rehab environment or
equivalent preferred. Rehab experience required.
4. Physical Requirements:
For Direct Patient Care:
  • Speech-Language Pathologist will spend approximately 60-80% of time
stooping, and reaching while working with therapy patients.
  • Must be able to perform CPR, if required.
For Support Activities:
  • Speech-Language Pathologist will spend approximately 5-10% of time sitting
at desk or terminal entering data.
5. License/Certification:
  • Speech-Language Pathologist Certificate of Clinical Competence.
  • Current CPR certification, if required.
  • Current state Speech-Language Pathology license or license candidate under
state’s regulations.
  • Some facilities may require current state driver’s license.

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